Illes Whoera

Designed by bspaic

This flag is from a country of a collection of islands located in the Atlantic Ocean close to the Brazilian coastline. At an altitude in between the cities of Vitoria and Rio de Janeiro.
The official languages of this country are: English, Portuguese and the ancient-native language Whoerian.
Its official creation dates back to 687ce, from when the first signs of a civilization were found. The country was conquered by Spain in 1541 and later by Portugal in 1602.
In May 12, 1837 the country got its independence from the portuguese.
The country have been in many wars, specially with the Illes Water when Whoera formed part of Portugal and also later after its independence with Brazil too.
(disclaimer: this is a fictional country which I once created to support another fictional country and that I have now expanded the lore into it)

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Simple but good flag, and nice lore!

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