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Create your own custom flags with our flag builder. The generator for making flags, designs in worldbuilding, and all fans of vexillology.

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Hundreds of free templates for flags

Our flag creator has hundreds of templates for flags and symbols. You can browse the library of our flag creator app or search for items. You can color and combine all elements. Our flag generator makes it very easy to create your flags.

Create your own custom flags

You have hundreds of elements in our flag creator. You can move all elements, color, and rotate them. We integrate more elements and features so that you can create and customize every flag.

Modern, historical, and alternative flags

You can design every flag with Flag Creator. Create a flag for your real country or fan-fiction. Generate flags for worldbuilding or video games. You can use our flag maker for all vexillology projects. The possibilities are endless.

Generate flag for worldbuilding or alternate history

Create your flag designs with our free fantasy flag generator. Use your generator for your roleplaying games, worldbuilding, and alternate history projects.

Prices and costs for the creation of flags

With our flag builder, you can create your flags without any cost. If you want to use more features, we have the PRO version as an alternative to the free version. With the PRO version, you can use more elements, you can add texts, upload elements, and use more templates. You can even save your coat of arms on your computer for later revisions.