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Create your own custom flags with our flag builder. The generator for making flags, designs in worldbuilding, and all fans of vexillology.

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Create Your Own Flag with Our Custom Flag Maker

Dive into a world where you are the creator of your own nation! Our custom flag maker is your gateway to bring your imaginary countries to life, especially in nation states games and roleplaying scenarios. It’s simple, fun, and user-friendly, allowing you to make your own flag with ease and flair.

Flag Designing for Alternative History and Worldbuilding Enthusiasts

Explore alternative history scenarios and indulge in worldbuilding with a flag that represents your unique nation. Whether you’re crafting a world of fantasy or a parallel universe, our flag maker online tool provides a canvas to visually express the identity of your created entities.

Make a Flag Online with Hundreds of Templates

Choose, click, create – it’s that simple to make a flag online with us! With hundreds of designer flags templates at your fingertips, your ideal flag is just a few clicks away. From dragons to stars, select elements that resonate with your nation’s ethos and stitch them into a symbol of unity and power.

Join a Vibrant Community of Flag Designers

Become part of a thriving community where you can share, discuss, and marvel at flag designs from thousands of users. Engage in discussions, seek advice, or simply admire the creativity of fellow enthusiasts in the realm of flag creation and nation-building.

Free Flag Maker: Save, Edit, and Modify Your Designs Anytime

Our free flag maker not only allows you to create flags but also gives you the freedom to save your designs. Edit and modify them anytime you wish, ensuring that your flag always represents the evolving narrative and lore of your created world.

Design a Flag Online and Bring Your Fantasy World to Life

Unleash your creativity with our fantasy flag maker and let your fantasy world bloom with its own unique flag. Whether it’s a kingdom ruled by elves or a futuristic dystopia, your flag will wave proudly, symbolizing the spirit of your imaginative realms.

Easy-to-Use Flag Editor for Your Custom Creations

No expertise required! Our flag editor is designed to be intuitive and accessible to all, ensuring that every user, regardless of their design experience, can bring their vision to life. Simply select, drag, and drop elements to build a flag that stands tall in your fictional universe.

Your Personalized Country Flag Maker for Every Scenario

From historical dramas to futuristic sci-fi, our country flag maker is equipped to cater to every scenario. Represent the values, culture, and spirit of your created nation with a flag that tells its story at a glance.

Flag Mixer and Flag Combiner for a Unique Blend of Symbols

Merge, mix, and create a unique blend of symbols with our flag mixer and combiner. Combine different elements, colors, and symbols to create a flag that is a true representation of your nation’s identity and aspirations.

Build a Flag and Wave it High in Your Own Universe

Build a flag, create a country, and let your stories unfold under its symbolic shadow. Whether it’s for a game, a roleplaying session, or your own fictional writing, your flag will wave high, embodying the spirit and narrative of your own universe.

Create your custom flags

You have hundreds of elements in our flag creator. You can move all elements, color them, and rotate them. We integrate more elements and features so that you can create and customize every flag. With our generator, flag drawing is easy. You can create cool country flags, fictional flags, and completely random flags.

Modern, historical, and alternative flags

Do you want to create your custom communist flag? Or would you like to design your own versions of the American flag or Nordic flags? We have hundreds of elements for socialist flags, medieval flags, and fake flags to design cool flag designs.

You can design every flag with Flag Creator. Create a flag for your real country or fan-fiction. Generate flags for worldbuilding or video games. Use our Flag Creator as a banner maker. You can use our flag maker for all vexillology projects. The possibilities are endless.

Generate flag for worldbuilding or alternate history

Create your flag designs with our free fantasy flag generator. Use your generator for your roleplaying games, worldbuilding, and alternate history projects. Make the coolest country flags for every occasion—our tool is perfect for your country creator.

Prices and costs for the creation of flags

With our flag builder, you can create your flags without any cost. If you want to use more features, we have the PRO version as an alternative to the free version. With the PRO version, you can use more elements, you can add texts, upload elements, and use more templates. You can even save your coat of arms on your computer for later revisions.