Flag of the American Social Republic

Designed by Greetings

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After the North American Drought of 2056, many countries fell into a food crisis. After many failed attempts by the United States of America, the public had enough and another Civil War broke out. Out of all of the factions, the most popular one appeared to be the American Social Republic. Promising stability and order to the lands. It wasn't long before the Social Republic gained the allegiance of most of America. Once Washington fell and the People within it had been executed, the American Social Republic was born. Because they were both weakened by the U.S. not being able to give them financial aid, Canada and Mexico fell to the Social Republic, and soon after, NATO was disbanded. The country is run by the Grand Board of America, with officials from each of the 25 regions. Despite the name, none of these officials are elected, and freedom of speech has been thoroughly suppressed. However, the state does allow freedom of religion and has no racial discrimination, making it unlike similar fascist governance throughout history. much more different. In the year 2078, it joined the Pan American Alliance with similar regimes like the Caribbean Federation and the Kingdom of Brazil.

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