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34 votes
Ability to create flag map

You would have the ability to use flags you have created to create a flag map

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31 votes
Different Flag Shapes

you can make flags that aren’t rectangles by double clicking on the part behing the elements and you can reshape it to different shapes (not squares or rectangle) like Nepals flag.

23 votes
More roman style emblems

I know we can upload our own logos but we cant change their colours and so forth; it'd just be nice cause itd make making imperial flags easier

19 votes
Eurasian Symbols

More symbols associated with Eurasia

19 votes
Slavic Symbols

Add various Slavic Symbols such as the Kolovrat symbol.

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18 votes
Symbols of countries or continents

Would be great if there were silhouettes of every country, subregion (like central america) and continent on earth to put on flags.

16 votes
More Soviet and western communist symbols

Such as the soviet heraldry laurel, the Communist party of America version of the gear sickle and hammer, the social democracy fist and flower, more antifa symbols, and different communist symbols from other countries. (ex. Canada's Maple leaf, gear, and laurel.

16 votes
More religous

Add the Drama Wheel, the symbol of Sikhism, Ect.

15 votes
More American designs

Like the American eagle with the " E pluribus Unum", Mexican symbols, American STATE symbols etc.


How to suggest new symbols and features

As someone with an active PRO license, you can suggest new symbols and features. And. you can upvote the requests of fellow users.

Be Specific

The more specific your request is, the more likely it will be implemented.


Symbols that are used by far-right groups and/or are forbidden in Germany, won’t be added to Flag Creator.

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