Flag Creator Updates – What's new?

June 19th 2022: New Flags Section. Unlike the templates in the Templates Section, the elements in the Flags Section are added to the canvas as one element. The Flag Section is now the first section to load and includes 31 new elements already.

June 11th 2022: The Symbols Section has two tabs now: “Common” and “Misc”. In the Common Tab you find stars, moons, suns, pentacles, and crosses. In the Misc Tab you find everything else. The search bar filters in both tabs at the same time.

May 21st 2022: Flag templates are now organized in tabs for America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. This makes it easier to find the templates you are looking for—and it gives a nice overview of the flags of each continent. The search function still shows all templates that match the search term, regardless wich continent tab is active.

May 19th 2022: More flag ratios added. Flag ratios now show some examples which countries use the ratio for their flag. And we have a new feedback/suggest a feature form. Let me know what you love about Flag Creator and which new features you would like to have!

May 18th 2022: Flag templates can now be searched by continent and by country.

May 17th 2022: You can now search our flag templates and the previews for the templates are smaller. This is an important step for adding many more flag templates in the future. We have already started by adding templates for the Dutch, Italian, Polish, Romanian, and Russian flags.

May 16th 2022: We have improved our Flag Creator a lot. You can now find announcements about new symbols and templates here. And we have added a User Flags Gallery where you can easily add your own designs and browse those of other users. And of course, this updates page is new! Before that we implemented all improvements without writing about it 😉



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